Hire A Coach to Build a Healthy Relationship

Finding love isn't just about selecting the right person. It's about being the right person. Doing the right things. Making time.

Get yourself prepared for success by talking with one of DateSpot's expert advisors to help you be your best self, attract the right partner and make a connection last.

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Could You Use an Advisor?

Being in a long-term, happy relationship is also not about plucking the perfect person from a database and then being done. It involves intention, focus and effort. It's about being the best and most authentic version of you, acting in positive ways, exhibiting healthy behaviors, and working on a relationship to create lasting success.

You use a professional for so many aspects of your life - a realtor, a housekeeper, an accountant. Why wouldn't you use an expert in relationships?

No matter who you are or how much life experience you have, you could use an extra strategist and sounding board to attract the person you want and keep them.

We're thrilled to partner with various advisors to offer you helpful dating and relationship advice -- which goes WAY beyond the first date.

Who Are the Advisors?

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We partner with top advisors across the U.S. and even internationally. Each has at least five years of professional experience in coaching and/or therapy. They're exceptional at customizing to your needs, listening, and helping you implement strategies to find love.

topics Covered

Each advisor has a different style and material, questions they ask, and exercises for you to practice. Some of the topics can include:

  • Mental barriers
  • Self-love
  • Personal purpose
  • Dating profile reviews
  • Meeting people
  • Partner criteria
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More About Coaching

The dating coaches work one-on-one with you to achieve your goals. Some clients are newly single and have never used a dating app. Others have been single their whole lives, but have never really understood why. Still others are super selective and could use help with their criteria list.

Their services may include date coaching, online dating profile creation or reviewing, selecting the right dating avenues, how to tell their story effectively while also listening and asking important questions, and communication tips.

They'll work to understand how your romantic history impacts your search and create an action plan. They cover all aspects of modern dating with the goals of putting you in control of your dating life, in an optimistic yet realistic place.


“The relationship advising service overall helped me to be more comfortable in my skin. The sessions with my advisor helped me better understand the qualities I'm looking for in a girl, plus what she would be looking for, and how to convey those qualities on a date. It was especially helpful retrospectively after certain dates. Highly recommended!”

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We've negotiated special rates with our partner coaches. It's just $1,450 for six 50 min. juicy power-packed sessions. This is typically a discount from what they normally charge as we've selected top-tier experts.

The best part? As with all our partner services, satisfaction is guaranteed.

We look forward to connecting you with one of our favorite advisors to help you find love - both with yourself and a life partner!


Six 50 minute sessions
Satisfaction Guaranteed